5 Reasons Why You Should Post Regularly on Social Media

It's easy to forget about posting on your social media when you are busy running a business, the task just slips the priority net. However, what if social media was as important as sending an invoice? If you don't send the invoice, you don't get the money. If you don't post on social media, you won't get the leads, the brand recognition, the brand exposure etc.

We're going to give give you 5 reasons why you should post regularly on social media that will make you prioritise the task for your business.

Search Engine Result Performance Increase

Having social media and website links will boost your SEO (search engine optimisation) naturally, however, posting to social media regularly will consistently maintain a good position on your Google ranking.

Actionable Tips:

  • Have your social media profile on your website (we have ours on our footer)
  • Ensure your website is on your social media profiles

Improved Conversion Rates

Whether your service or product is £5 or £500,000 the potential buyer is still taking a risk by buying from you. To reduce our uncertainty as buyers we like to know we are getting the best from the best provider, to reduce that uncertainty we look at social media profiles, reviews, comments, etc to provide validation of the company.

By having a regular presence, you tell your customer you are here for business and are a trustworthy company.

Actionable Tips:

  • Have reviews/recommendations on your social media and website for people to see
  • Pin your best post to the top of your social media profiles (We have pinned a client video testimonial to ours)
  • Make sure your brand messaging on posts are clear (jargon free)

Set more tangible goals to enhance your performance: How to Set Social Media Goals

Better Brand Loyalty

The more we stay in our customer's minds, the more likely they are to buy from us again when they need us. Social media provides a constant reminder to your buyers that you're here.

Another point to add, social media allows you to have direct interaction with your customers, so you can join into the conversations they are having and build deeper relationships. This will also increase your customer satisfaction.

Plumwood Commercial Property Testimonial for We Do Social Media

Actionable Tips:

  • Follow your customers
  • Get customers to follow you
  • Engage with your customers - Fairfax and Favour do a great job of this on Instagram

More Brand Awareness

Posting on social media increases your brand awareness and this is something brands are paying thousands upon thousands a month for... social media is free if you're not hiring someone to do it. By posting regularly, you make sure existing customers see more of you to buy again and you attract new customers with the content you are sharing.

Actionable Tips:

  • Make your content snackable i.e. No paragraphs of text, easily digestible
  • Use hashtags to be found by more people e.g. #KentBusiness to get found by other Kent businesses

Free Market Research

Social media gives us an opportunity to get to know our customers better. By regularly posting content you will see the content they like most and the ones they don't. From this, you'll learn more about their likes, dislikes, behaviours and more.

Actionable Tips:

  • Review your analytics regularly (We do ours monthly)
  • Vary your content to establish what works and what needs improving or scrapping
  • Ask your audience what they want - Send an email, ask in meetings

In conclusion, social media has brilliant benefits and you'll see those benefits sooner by posting regularly.

If you haven't posted for a while your profiles might need some improvement: 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Social Media Profiles Now

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