Social Media Goal Ideas

Social Media Goal Ideas for Businesses

Looking for some social media goal ideas? You are in the right place.

You know you need goals for your social media, but you don’t know where to start. We get it, it can feel overwhelming! Having helped hundreds of business owners towards achieving their goals, here are some of the most popular we have helped with.

Brand Awareness

Metrics to looks at

Post reach – How many do you want to reach per day/week/month?

Number of Mentions, RT’s, shares – How many people are talking about you?

Follower count – How many followers do you want by…?

Boost Brand Engagement

Likes / Comments – How many comments are my posts getting? What type of content is receiving the most?

Shares/ Retweets – How many reshares we are getting per day/week/month?

Mentions / Replies – How many are directly engaging?

Generate New Leads

Direct Messages – How many leads am I getting from direct messenger? How many leads am I converting?

Leads conversions – How good are the lead coming from your social media?

Lead Generators – How many people are downloading your lead generators?

Increase Sales

What to look out for:

Facebook/ Instagram Shops – How many product sales am I getting? Where are the sales coming from?

Build Community

Groups – How often are you posting on the group? How many people are posting in your group? How quickly are you responding to activity?

Hashtags – How many people to using your hashtags? How much are you resharing community posts?

Mentions – How many people are mentioning your business? How many are you responding to?

Shares – How many people are re-sharing your posts?

Drive Website Traffic

What to look out for:

Traffic from social media – How many users are coming from social media? And from what platform?

Overall traffic – How much traffic does social media account for overall?

Bounce Rate – What is the quality of users coming from social media? How long are they staying for?

Google Analytics will show this information.

Excellent Customer Service

What to look out for:

Direct Messages & Mentions– How many DM’s are coming in? How many people are mentioning your business?

Response – How many are being responded to? How quickly are with responded?

Shares – How many people are recommending your business?

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It can feel overwhelming having to start from the beginning again. We get it! We can help you set and achieve goals.

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