Things to Remember When Setting Up Your Businesses Social Media

When we start a business, the first thing we do is rush into setting up our social media pages, but then you look at them and think "oh, now what do I do?". We move into this step so quickly that we find the branding doesn't fit, the description is unclear and the whole profile is only half complete.

Here are the things to remember when setting up your businesses social media accounts:

Your Branding Is Aligned

If someone were to look at your Facebook and then your LinkedIn would they know you are the same company? Branding is the foundation of our business and keeping your branding aligned will help the longevity of your business.

How to Keep the Branding Aligned:

  • Business Name
  • Have the same logo on all platforms
  • Maintain the same style on cover photos - corporate colours, fonts

Have Clear Brand Messaging

The clearer the message, the better your potential customers understand you. Keeping your descriptions specific to what you offer and the solution you provide the customers is all you need.

That said, for larger descriptions or about sections include the problem the customer has, how you provide a solution and the success the customer will see by using your product or services.


Do you need help on developing a brand message that levels up your business and wins sales? We can write you a full brand messaging guide.


Fill Out The Whole Platform

It's important to fill out everything the platform has to offer. Not only is that going to make everything look professional, but it will help your SEO, your pages exposure and increase the likelihood of gaining leads.

What to Always Include in Your Profiles:

  • A call to action
  • Have a clear description
  • All necessary contact information


As a whole starting out on social media can feel overwhelming, our top tip is to only set up one social media platform at a time. Once you feel comfortable on that platform, move on to the next.


Not sure what social media platform you need to be on... let this blog help you: What Social Media Platform For Business?

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