How do I Set Social Media Goals for Business?

How to Set Clear Social Media Goals for Business?

So, how do you set clear social media goals for your business? We know setting clear goals are important. They help us focus, keep us motivated and waste less time. But it can feel a little harder when it comes to an area we aren’t sure about.

Yes, I can give you the whole make them S.M.A.R.T, because it’s nothing none of us haven’t heard right? 😉

So instead, I’m going to walk you through 4 easy steps to create actionable and achieving goals.

Think About the Bigger Picture

None of us sit there saying in 5 years’ time I want a million likes, instead, we say in 5 years I want a million pounds. Likes are a contribution to the lifestyle we want to reach.

Start by thinking about why you are on social media, is it to generate leads, ad revenue, encourage client engagement?

Action: What do you want to achieve on each social media platform?

Break it down

It can be fairly difficult to leap to a big goal. Setting smaller goals that lead to your big goal will keep you on track to accomplishing what you want.

Let’s say you are not yet getting leads from social media. My first step would be looking into why, is it my brand reach, is it my brand engagement, is it my content strategy?

Action: Set smaller goals that support the bigger picture

Set Yourself a Time Target

Pressure can be good sometimes. Giving yourselves a time limit is something you can work towards. Make the deadline realistic, for example you don’t want reach 1,000 followers in a week if you only have 1 follower, alternatively you don’t want reach 1,000 followers in 10 years.

Action: Add the actual date you want to achieve your big goal and your smaller goals by.

How will you help yourself?

You’ve got your goals, you’ve got when you want to achieve them by, but now you want something actionable. For example, “I am going to gain 100 new followers in 3 months’ time by engaging with and following 12 new local businesses a week”.

Action: What action will you take to achieving your goal?

Remember, write these down. If you have a team, share these goals with them as it’ll put you all on the same path.

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