How to do a Social Media Audit for My Business

How to Do A Social Media Audit For My Business

How do I complete a social media audit? Auditing your social media has many benefits from a better understanding to uniting your brand. But what about the how?

It’s easy for me to tell you why and it won’t be any help if I do show you how. Before you do anything, auditing your marketing gives a great perspective on whether you are achieving your goals.

If you haven't set goals on your social media you can read why they are so important and how to do it here. 

Let’s crack on.

Gather All Your Social Media Channels

Pull up all your social media channels, and I mean all of them. Your LinkedIn profile(s), Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Google My Business and Instagram accounts and LinkedIn company pages. By all, I also mean anyone representing your brand and any additional pages made in the past that are dormant.

Review Each Channel

Go through each page and ask yourself

Are all profile and company pages fully completed? If not, what ones need to be updated with what information?

Is the branding consistent on each profile and company page? If not, what page needs updating?

Is the brand message consistent on all profiles and company pages? If not, which ones need updating?

Social Media Audit Template Image


You may have read a previous blog on setting social media goals. This part of the audit will sure whether you are achieving those goals. Questions to ask yourself:

The top-performing posts?

Posts didn’t work so well?

What can I improve on? How?

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