Why Should I Complete a Social Media Audit for my Business?

Why should I do a social media audit?  “If You Confuse, You Lose” – Donald Miller

An audit brings clarity and insight into your current social media marketing performance. Here are a few reasons why you should complete an audit today.


Social Media Audit Brings Consistency

Brand consistency ensures your brand is easily recognisable across all your marketing channels.

By keeping your brand identity the same across all platforms, you are creating a better experience for existing and potential customers.

Social Media Audit Template Image


It still astonishes me today just how much information we can gather from our profiles and pages, from technology overall.

By auditing, you can get a greater understanding of your audience and of the platform itself.



By reviewing your social media channels, you are also reviewing what’s working and what needs improving.

By doing this you are giving yourself an opportunity to better your social media marketing efforts.


To conclude, on the whole auditing your social media will create an easier beginning. If you are not new to your social media journey an audit provides clarity on where you are and how best to move forward in achieving your goals.


Unsure Of Your Goals

We have focused our efforts on answering every question one might have on the world of social media for businesses and goals is where we started.

Please check out our latest posts on why goals are so important, how to set goals as well as ideas of the types of goals you can set.


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